A Wanderer’s Guide to Scarborough, Maine

Open crank windows and dewy quilts. Waking to the roil and hiss of the waterside; inhale, exhale. Laughter on the rocks as we wait for remains of the ocean to drip off of our toes. A companionship of sweaters and sea air.

Maine in October was a dream. A foggy, boundless, vigorous dream. We had been talking about visiting for some time now, and the draw of missing our dear friends who live there finally convinced us. We spent hours catching up around dinner tables and fire pits, playing games and eating pizza. Certainly these moments could never be replicated, but I do hope to share a few experiences from our days in and around Scarborough for any wanderers looking to visit New England.

Road Trip

We made the drive from Indiana to Maine, 15 hours there and back. Though I don’t think our next visit will involve a road trip, the drive was as gorgeous as could be. The leaves were just beginning to turn, flecked with orange and red.

Pine Point Beach Cottage

As we began to daydream about visiting Maine, we stumbled across this cottage online and instantly fell smitten. This Airbnb cottage is just across the road from Pine Point Beach. It was snug, even with just the two of us, but it was the perfect landing spot for a week of adventuring.

Pine Point Beach

Pine Point Beach… What can I say about it that you can’t see from these serene photos? Carson and I took a walk along the shoreline just about every morning before beginning the day’s activities. We discovered all kinds of shells and creatures along the way. It was perfectly chilly for October mornings, as sweaters-on-the-beach weather is my very favorite weather.

The Holy Donut

We made multiple visits to The Holy Donut for breakfast. Our donut selection included ginger cannoli, pomegranate, dark chocolate sea salt, sweet potato, and pumpkin cannoli, but the star for me was the savory cheddar bacon donut.

Flea Market

If you are into curiosities and a good thrift haul, visit the local flea market. This shop goes on and on with seemingly endless rooms, each with new kinds of trinkets to explore. We found everything from vintage salt shakers to old video games to tacky gifts. When we finally stepped out, we were shocked to discover we’d been wandering inside for two hours.

The Maine Bagel

The Maine Bagel is another must-have breakfast. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything quite like a bacon and egg sandwich on their asiago bagel with bacon and chive cream cheese.

Portland Head Light

Maine is scattered with historical sites and parks, but if you’re sticking close to Scarborough, visit Portland Head Light. The park has old lighthouses, historical forts, walking trails, and rocky beach perfect for a little dip into the ocean.

Bite Into Maine

We were visiting Portland Head Light on a holiday weekend, so the crowd had brought with it the Bite Into Maine food truck. Carson tried his first lobster roll, and I ate a tasty maple-chipotle pulled pork sandwich. Our friends said they had seen the truck around the area quite a bit, so check their social media to see if they will be nearby when you visit.

Smiling Hill Farm

Smiling Hill Farm is primarily a dairy farm, so their cheese curds, fresh milk, and ice cream are must-try snacks. But the stand-out part of our visit was the barnyard, which has all kinds of animals to see, pet, and feed. I marveled at how sweet and chill the goats were, as goats in my experience are not animals I would qualify as “chill.”

Dunstan Tap and Table

One last food recommendation: Dunstan Tap and Table. We stumbled upon this pub while clicking around on the map near our cottage, and we found ourselves wishing we could taste the entire menu. My order of poutine was a big hit. It was so rich; everyone at the table was grabbing a bite.

Whether or not you plan to visit New England soon, I do hope you’ve enjoyed this quick capsule of Maine. Writing a love letter to Scarborough is as simple as talking about it; few places are so easy to love. We’re already mapping out when we can make our next visit…

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